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By donating to La Pietra, you give more young girls the opportunity to grow into strong confident leaders.
~ Mark and Leana Berwick, parents of Holly Berwick '17

Since La Pietra – Hawaii School for Girls opened its doors in 1964, it has benefited from the generosity of parents, faculty and staff, friends, trustees--and later, alumnae--to support our vision.

Thousands of graduates have reaped the rewards of that generosity, the recipients of an educational experience that not only focused on academics but also on the development of confidence, competence, curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

It requires the effort and commitment of the entire school community to ensure that these opportunities continue. Gifts to La Pietra provide vital funding for professional development, curriculum and technology resources, facility upgrades and other projects--all things that enhance teaching and learning.

Each year, we raise the funds necessary to meet these needs and increase opportunities for the school community to give at a personally appropriate level.

Thank you very much for considering La Pietra in your giving plans. Please contact us at 808-922-2744 for further information or questions.