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Summer Reading

To encourage your daughter to continue reading outside of school, the English Department has a summer reading program.

The English Department has compiled a list below of recommended book titles to encourage your daughter to continue to read throughout the summer. Please go over this list with your daughter. She should read at least one book from the list and be ready to participate in an activity the first week of the new school year. Several of the novels are the first in a series and we hope that she will continue to read the entire series. If she has already read a book from a series and would like to continue reading the subsequent books, she is welcome to do so, and that would fulfill the summer reading requirement. It may be helpful to take her to the library or a bookstore and encourage her to browse before she makes a choice.

The English Department emphasizes to students that their reading choices should be in accord with their families’ values. We do our best to research and read the texts in our class libraries and on our summer reading lists; however, not all content may be deemed appropriate by some parents. Thanks for your understanding and support.