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Program Planning

Diploma Requirements for Upper School

All students must earn a total of 24 credits for graduation:

Core Courses (1 credit courses):
4 credits - English
3 credits - Mathematics
3 credits - Science
3.5 credits - Social Studies
3 credits - World Language

Electives (.5 credit courses):
2 credits - Fine Arts
2 credits - Physical Education
1.5 credits - Electives
2 credits - Women’s and Gender Studies (begins with class of 2020)

Independent Project – completion by the first week of April in the Junior year

Middle School Academics

Middle School is a time of transition, a time of exploration, and a time of tremendous growth. As middle schoolers attempt to define who they are, it is important that they are given the support and encouragement they need to find their unique path.

At La Pietra, our middle school program is designed to do just that. It has a special focus on exploration of a variety of academic, social, and emotional experiences so that when they rise to the upper school, they have a sense of who they are, and can envision a fulfilling future.