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Drop-off and Parking

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Student drop-off and pick-up designated area is limited to the front visitor parking lot where there is a banyan tree and trash bins. When dropping off or picking up students, pull around the banyan tree to your far right next to the sidewalk and unload quickly then exit down and around the banyan tree. Please exercise caution and courtesy as other cars are dropping off students and as faculty members are entering other parking lots. Campus speed limit is 5 miles per hour.

If you must park, use the designated Visitor Parking Stalls in the Visitor Parking lot. All other parking lots are reserved for administration and faculty members.

Student Parking

There is a limited amount of student parking stalls available in the upper parking lot for a fee and is coordinated with our Dean of Students. Parking permits are issued in the order received with priority given to seniors. Complete and submit the 2019-20 Campus Parking Application Form with all required documents and payment to the Main Office.