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Athletics & Physical Education


La Pietra offers a wide range of sports throughout the year and participates with the ILH, CSAL and PAC-5 Athletic Programs. Sports are designated by season. Please review the Athletic Handbook for policies, procedures, sports transportation, sports and more information. Information regarding try-outs and practice information will be available on our Daily Bulletin. For all State of Hawaii high school athletics completing in ILH sports, a current physical exam and concussion test is required. More detailed information can be found on our La Pietra Athletic Webpage and 2019-20 Athletic Handbook.

Athletic Physical Exam. Prior to participating in any sports, your daughter must have had an annual athletic physical examination done within the last 12 months. Her doctor must complete the Student Health Record Form 14 and the 2019-20 Athletic Physical Form.

Concussion Testing. All returning students athletes, entering grades 7, 9, and 11, AND all new student-athletes are required to take the ImPACT Concussion Management Baseline Test provided by La Pietra. Please complete and submit the following two forms prior to the concussion test:
  1. 2019-20 Concussion Testing Consent Form
  2. 2019-20 Pre ImPACT Concussion Worksheet

You may submit forms to info@lapietra.edu OR to La Pietra’s Main Office prior to the testing date OR you may bring them with you on the day of your Concussion Testing. You don't need to reserve a date or time for your testing.

Athletic Participation Form. All student athletes must complete the 2019-20 Athletic Participation Form.

Physical Education

P.E. uniforms consists of a P.E. shirt and P.E. jersey shorts and they will change at the beginning of class. Students are assigned a locker in the locker room. They will need a combination lock for their locker and they should lock their belongings during class. Any items not locked will be placed in the Gym lost and found.