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2018-19 Chromebook Agreement Form

2018-19 La Pietra Chromebook Agreement

This agreement constitutes an understanding and agreement between the student, parents and La Pietra for the use of a Chromebook with charger for the 2018-2019 school year. For the privilege of using the assigned Chromebook, student and parents agree to abide by the expectations and responsibilities as outlined below. The Chromebook and charger will be issued in a school-provided protective case prior to the start of the school year and will be returned in working condition at the end of the school year. The Chromebook will be issued when the student and parent have signed this agreement and all financial obligations for the prior school year are paid in full.


  • The use of the Chromebook is intended for educational purposes only. The device should not be used for unlawful or inappropriate activities (refer to Acceptable Use Policy Terms and Conditions for the use of the Internet and Internet-Connected Computers at La Pietra in the Parent-Student Handbook). Parents should monitor student’s usage while at home.
  • Student must take measures to protect the device from damage and it is highly recommended that they keep the device in a separate protective laptop bag.
  • Student should avoid theft by keeping the device locked in their lockers or always have it in their possession.
  • Student is not allowed to let others use their assigned device.
  • Student should seek assistance from the technology office immediately when damage/technology issues are identified. Repair and/or replacement fees may be assessed to the parents. A loaner may be issued as directed by the Administration.
  • Any missing parts, repairs or damage to the Chromebook, power cord and protective case will be charged to the parents.


  • The Chromebook must be kept in the school-provided protective case at all times.
  • The device must be charged at home each night and be fully charged for use during school.
  • No stickers, decals or writing on the device and protective case.
  • Avoid eating or drinking while using the device.
  • Any cords, cables, or insertable devices must be inserted and removed carefully to avoid damage.
  • Ensure proper use and care of the Chromebook screen, keyboard and casing by not touching the screen, dropping the Chromebook, placing heavy objects on the Chromebook, and keeping device clear of objects prior to closing the device and placing in a separate protective laptop bag.
  • The device should not be exposed to excessive heat, over 100 degrees or cold, under 32 degrees, i.e. leaving the device in the car.
  • Allow proper air flow while in use to avoid damage to Chromebook.


An incidental fee will be assessed from accidental damages:

  • Chromebook missing or not returned: $300
  • Chromebook screen damaged: $150
  • Chromebook casing broken or damaged: $100
  • Chromebook casing dents: $50
  • Chromebook excessive scratches on casing: $50
  • Chromebook broken or missing keys: $100
  • Protective case, missing or damaged: $50
  • Power cord, damaged or not returned: $60


I acknowledge that I have read this Agreement and agree to abide by the terms and conditions. I will return the Chromebook with protective case and charger when requested.