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Plant A Seed Giving Campaign

Class Giving Update

Class of 2025 52.63%
Class of 2024 64.29%
Class of 2023 84.21%
Class of 2022 42.31%
Class of 2021 57.14%
Class of 2020 42.86%
Class of 2019 46.43%

Plant a Seed for Your Daughter’s Future campaign – the parent giving component of the Annual Fund - runs from November 1 - 30.

The Annual Fund allows young women access to a learning experience that supports their intellectual growth and their development of the skills necessary to thrive in a global community. The Annual Fund also ensures that areas of greatest need are adequately supported.

Planting is an investment. It takes love, effort, patience and the right resources to make the seed sprout and thrive. At La Pietra, we ask you to partner with us to cultivate an environment that offers your daughter the best learning opportunities that will nurture her hopes for the future – her college life and beyond!

We invite you to participate in this time-honored tradition of giving. Our goal is to have 100% parent participation. Please support your daughter’s class by making a gift now.