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Why La Pietra?

The All-Girls’ Advantage at La Pietra

Why La Pietra? Since its earliest days, La Pietra has been a place where young women have flourished in a supportive learning community led by a vision that values each girl’s unique journey. La Pietra has always believed that every girl comes with unlimited potential and it is our privilege to help unlock each girl’s potential. La Pietra’s reputation as being the leading choice in all-girls’ education has drawn Hawaii’s families for more than 50 years. Families choose La Pietra because they want to give their daughter the education she deserves.

While families may initially consider La Pietra for other reasons, they soon appreciate the benefits of choosing a single-gender environment and the all-girls’ advantage offered at La Pietra.

National research confirms what we have known since our inception – that a single-gender educational environment is better for young women. La Pietra is recognized for its innovative and dynamic academic and extracurricular programs focusing on how girls learn and grow best. Each girl is her own person at La Pietra. Our goal is to help our girls find their voice and develop the confidence to use it.

As a single-gender school, La Pietra offers an academic and social environment that empowers young women leaders, where girls can take risks, discuss issues pertinent to young women, and develop positive self-confidence. Everything we do is geared to educating young women – from our teaching strategies and curriculum, to our arts, athletics, and co-curricular program – to lead a life of achievement in college and beyond.

The culmination of our students’ journey is celebrated each year when we graduate young women who know how to think critically, lead confidently, be creative and curious, and competently navigate the rapidly changing world.

Learn more about La Pietra's All-Girls' Advantage:

La Pietra girls put academics first.

La Pietra creates a culture of achievement where her academic journey and experience are equally as important as her academic outcomes.

La Pietra enhances academic success in a variety of ways, including a unique block schedule that promotes depth of understanding, greater cross-curricular opportunities, and provides for diverse class offerings from introductory to AP level courses.

Data: More than 80 percent of girls' school graduates consider their academic performance highly successful, compared to 75 percent of women from co-ed schools.
Source: UCLA study of more than 20,000 freshmen college women.

La Pietra girls are prepared for college.

College counseling begins during the transition from 8th to 9th grade and focuses on finding the right college for each girl, with staff personally guiding families to define interests, explore options, and make sound decisions. 100 percent of La Pietra graduates attend and thrive at colleges or universities of their choice.

Data: 93 percent of recent girls’ school graduates said they were very or extremely satisfied with how their schools prepared them for college. Additionally, more girls’ school graduates consider college a stepping-stone to graduate school (71 percent vs. 66 percent from co-ed schools).

Source: National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS) Alumnae Survey and UCLA study of more than 20,000 freshmen college women.

La Pietra girls are confident.

La Pietra's vision is to educate young women to lead a life of achievement, emphasizing values of “confidence, curiosity, and identity” to nurture students’ strengths important for college and life.

Through the individualized education, dynamic and innovative college preparatory curriculum, and supportive learning environment, each girl takes on academic challenges, expresses her thoughts and opinions, and participates in new educational, extracurricular, creative, and leadership experiences. Confidence is the key to turning skills and knowledge into success.

La Pietra is where confidence soars.

Data: 82 percent of recent girls' school graduates say they were very or extremely satisfied with how well their schools instilled self-confidence. Additionally, 60 percent of women from girls' schools report self-confidence, compared to 54 percent from co-ed schools.

Source: (NCGS) Alumnae Survey.

La Pietra girls take lead.

Leadership is an acquired skill. That is why La Pietra constantly creates new leadership opportunities in the classroom, science lab, playing field or stage - where valuable life lessons are learned.

At La Pietra, all girls can be leaders, and all leaders are girls. From our student body president to our classroom setting, students find their voice and passion to pave their own path.

Data: 84 percent of recent girls’ school graduates give their schools top marks for providing leadership opportunities. Additionally, 93 percent agreed that girls’ schools provide greater leadership opportunities than co-ed schools and 80 percent had held leadership positions since graduating from high school.

Sources: NCGS Alumnae Survey and NCGS study conducted by the Goodman Research Group of Cambridge, Mass.

To learn more about the benefits of single-gender education and all-girls’ schools, visit the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS) website. La Pietra – Hawaii School for Girls is a proud member of NCGS.