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The Science Department endeavors to enhance each student’s creative and critical thinking processes with a focus on inquiry, hypothesis, and experimentation.

Courses allow students to engage in real-life learning situations, covering both physical and life sciences. La Pietra expects that each student will be able to:

  • effectively communicate scientific information through verbal and written expression;
  • develop curiosity about the physical world;
  • become proficient at applying knowledge of basic principles to solve novel problems;
  • form a testable hypothesis and design an experiment to test the hypothesis;
  • use traditional methods, as well as new technology, to collect data for analysis;
  • summarize data in tables and graphs;
  • draw conclusions from experimental results;
  • write descriptively and analytically, with particular attention to detail and precision;
  • follow written sets of instructions; and,
  • become a global citizen who appreciates her role and impact on the ecology of the earth.
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