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What Does Personalized Education Mean?

Personalized education is a method in which teachers tailor instruction and learning to each student's individuality. This approach balances student independence with structure, supports and encourages active learning through peer and personal interactions, hands-on work, project-based assignments, and online courses, and incorporates a teacher-as-facilitator style of classroom environment.

At La Pietra, girls thrive academically and socially because of the integration of personalized attention, supportive teachers who understand each girl's individuality, and a school culture committed to how girls learn best. La Pietra's highly participatory and personal approach and the individual attention each student receives allow students to blossom and gain the confidence and tools to steer their future.

More importantly, the small 7 to 1 student-faculty ratio ensures that teachers have the opportunity to understand each student's individuality. Teachers inspire students to push beyond any self-imposed limitations to achieve their potential. They identify challenges and work together with the student in a way that boosts self-confidence.

La Pietra parent, Dan Hartenstein stated, "It is because of the small class sizes that my daughter is able to receive individualized attention. The small student to faculty ratio requires that my daughter stay attentive in class, turn in homework on time, and participate."

The small-school and personalized experience at La Pietra truly allows girls to participate fully in their learning and provides opportunities to demonstrate critical thinking as well as take on leadership roles.

Head of School, Dr. Josh Watson says, "Girls are carefully and deliberately challenged so that they become the best possible versions of themselves, all while under the care of committed and inspiring teachers."