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Story Details

Middle School Camp at Pālehua

The annual Middle School Camp took place from August 31 - September 1 at Camp Pālehua. The annual camp is designed to build self-esteem, and develop communication and problem solving skills. Girls also enjoy conservation based education activities.

Peer Leader Adviser, Mrs. Malia Schlesser has been attending Middle School camp for the past 13 years. She explains the event is a great opportunity for Middle School students. "They can express themselves out of the classroom. There are times when new and younger students have a hard time finding where they belong and camp helps put everyone on a team and teaches support and bonding."

More importantly, the Student Peer Leaders who attend the event get to implement their leadership skills amongst their peers. Mrs. Schlesser states,"For the peers it teaches them leadership and responsibility, as well as how to handle situations, such as making sure every student is included and participates. This allows them to be a great role model for younger students."

This was the first year camp was held at Camp Pālehua. In the past, camps have been held at Camp Erdman, Camp Mokule'ia, and Camp Timberline.