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Benefits of Attending an All-Girls School

Admissions Feature

Girls schools create a culture of achievement in which academic progress is of great importance

By Megan Meyer, Director of Admissions

National research confirms the many benefits and advantages of single gender education for girls, especially during the impactful adolescent years of middle school and high school. According to the National Coalition of Girls' Schools (NCGS), "Girls schools create a culture of achievement in which academic progress is of great importance and discovery and development of girls' individual potential is paramount. Girls' schools are a place where girls take center stage. Simply put, girls' schools teach girls that there is tremendous power and potential in being a girl."

Girls schools crate a culture of achievement in which academic progress is of great importance

At La Pietra-Hawaii School for Girls, we have known this since our inception more than 50 years ago. We see the benefits of a girls' school in action every day. Whether it is watching girls shine on stage in a drama production, athletes working together to win the game, Big Sisters mentoring and bonding with their Little Sisters at a special event, or girls calculating the best trajectory for a bottle rocket launch in a Science Olympiad competition – it is evident that at La Pietra girls occupy every role and feel empowered to participate and get involved. La Pietra's all-girls' environment gives every girl the opportunity to showcase her personality and explore her intellect and talents. Girls take risks, blossom as leaders, are not afraid to raise their hands in class to share ideas, discuss issues that are important to them, challenge themselves, and develop self-confidence. Girls are encouraged to become the architects of their own success stories, to discover their voices, to value their individuality and self-determination, and to reach their full potential. Parents often comment that their daughter's confidence blossoms once starting at La Pietra. College professors often remark that they can identify girls' school graduates for their confidence, poise, and leadership skills.

According to NCGS, some of the benefits of attending an all girls' school include higher standardized test scores, higher rates of graduates attending college and graduate school, increased math, science, and engineering majors, greater confidence and preparation for college, and more graduates pursuing leadership opportunities in college and beyond. To learn more about the advantages of attending an all girls' school like La Pietra, we invite you to attend our next Admissions Open House on Thursday, November 14 visit www.LaPietra.edu, or contact Megan Meyer, Director of Admission.