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A Letter From Mother and Daughter to Newly Accepted Students

Dear Newly Accepted Students and Families,

Seven years ago, when we were in your shoes, we felt anxious yet eager and excited to embark on the journey of attending La Pietra. Looking back over the last seven years, we are so happy that we decided to join this special school.

Since 6th grade, life at La Pietra has been amazing for us. Coming to La Pietra, which is such a beautiful place, was refreshing and enabled us to form close connections with other parents, faculty, staff, and students. Everyone was always so welcoming and kind. La Pietra's community is filled with warmth and care, and this feeling has brought La Pietra close to our hearts for now and the future. At the start of 6th grade, we were all individuals, parents and students, who came together for something greater than ourselves, and we will forever be grateful for being a part of that and having this special bond.

Reflections from Ava: Since coming to La Pietra, I shifted my fixed mindset as a learner to one of growth and opportunity. I didn't grow just as a student, but as an individual. Over the years from 6th - 12th grade, I pursued many new interests, such as theatre, music, and basketball, and became a part of organizations like the National Honor Society, Student Council, and the Peer Leader program. La Pietra has encouraged me to take leadership positions in these areas, and this has shaped me into the woman I am today: ready to take on any challenge ahead of me. The self-discovery process that La Pietra has guided me through helped me to decide to pursue a degree in Neuroscience and write music on the side. As a new student, you'll have a plethora of opportunities at your reach here at LP. You will develop meaningful relationships with your classmates and teachers, all while feeling supported and loved by your LP 'ohana, no matter where you are.

Ava and her basketball teammates raised over $2,500 in donations for the Hawaii Foodbank.

Reflections from Didar: As a new parent at La Pietra, I found it very easy to get involved with the school's Parent Faculty Association (PFA) and their special events like the Mother/Daughter and Father/Daughter gatherings and Lunch by Mom's and Dad's. As a parent, I had the opportunity to get to know other parents and to work closely with faculty members. Through these experiences, I was grateful to learn about the heart and core of La Pietra: I discovered that the school honors and celebrates individuality and acceptance of their diverse community members. Everyone on campus has a purpose and everyone contributes so much to this beautiful school and to the students' growth. I watched Ava become more confident, assertive, and blossom in each and every one of her interests because of the amazing amount of support she has received while at La Pietra.

Ava has made wonderful lifelong friends, not only with her classmates, but with students in every grade as well as her teachers, and staff members.

All in all, we firmly believe that you have made the right decision when choosing to join our La Pietra 'ohana and to become a Lady Panther. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!


Didar Dodhi and Ava Dodhi '20