Shelley Lane to Appear on PBS Insights

Director of Curriculum and College Counseling Shelley Lane will be among the panelists discussing the high cost of college education on PBS Hawaii's Insights January 3 at 8 pm. The show will be rebroadcast on Saturday, January 5 at 1 pm.

January marks the final stretch for high school seniors applying to colleges for the fall semester. Meanwhile, tuition costs continue to rise, along with student loan debt, which has topped $900 billion in America. Guests will discuss whether college is still worth the price and how a higher education can be made more affordable.

Over the past two years, La Pietra seniors (63 girls) have garnered nearly $8 million in merit-based scholarship offers, thanks in part to Lane's guidance.

Scheduled to join Lane on the panel are: Frank Green, President-Elect of the Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators; Dayna Kaneshiro, Post-High School Counselor at Roosevelt High School; and Karen Lee, Executive Director of Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education. Insights is hosted by Dan Boylan.