Students Honor Grandparents

I ulu no ka lālā i ke kumu
~ The branches grow because of the trunk ~
We are here because our kupuna laid the foundations before us.

More than 80 grandparents and parents participated in La Pietra’s first Grandparents Day Celebration on November 21. The festivities included a poetry reading and a performance of “What A Wonderful World,” by the Select Choir, accompanied with hula by Tiana Miyamoto.

After the formal program, grandparents and granddaughters crafted a notepad together using olive branches harvested from trees on campus and handwritten notes penned by students to their grandparents. They later enjoyed a lunch together, catered by “That Girl Can Cook”.

The intent of Grandparents Day is to recognize and appreciate the wisdom grandparents provide. Eighth graders Daisy Daniel's and Holly Berwick did just that with their acrostic poem titled, “GRANDPARENTS.”

G is for the good times we share
R is for the really good stories you tell
A is for the archery lessons you gave me
N is for the never ending love you give
D is for the delicious food you make
P is for the parents you gave us
A is for all the appreciation
R is for the really funny Korean dramas we watch
E is for every drive to Kahalu
N is for the nice trips to Waimanalo
T is for the Thanksgiving dinners we have
S is for the someone's we can't live without...MY GRANDPARENT!

- By Daisy Daniel's '17 & Holly Berwick '17