Annual Fund Update:

As of 11/13/15

 Class of 2016, 12th Grade


 Class of 2017, 11th Grade


 Class of 2018, 10th Grade


 Class of 2019, 9th Grade


 Class of 2020, 8th Grade


Class of 2021, 7th Grade 


 Class of 2022, 6th Grade


Total Parent Participation: 81%

La Pietra Annual Fund 2015-2016

Plant a Seed for Your Daughter's Future!

Plant a Seed Tree Graphic1112315.png

As we kick off another exciting year, we encourage you to participate in our school’s primary fundraiser, the Annual Fund and its component for current parents, the Plant a Seed Campaign.

As you may know, tuition alone covers about 75% of the cost of educating each student here at La Pietra—Hawaii School for Girls. Like all independent schools, La Pietra relies on the support of our ‘ohana and community partners to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of the excellent preparatory education our students receive.  

The Annual Fund is the heart of all giving at La Pietra and every member of the school community is strongly encouraged to make a contribution. We are grateful to La Pietra’s teachers, staff and trustees who show their commitment year over year with a consistent 100% participation rate and we hope to set a new record for parent participation this year!

Why is your gift important? Family participation demonstrates your commitment to an all-girls education, encourages others to contribute, and is an indicator to the foundations and other major donors we ask for funding that we have enthusiastic support from those we serve!

Every gift counts towards our goal and is deeply appreciated. Please check your mail for our recent campaign letter along with donation card and return envelope. You can also give here online by clicking the ‘support’ tab at the top of the homepage. We look forward to your generous contribution as you ‘Plant a Seed’ for your daughter’s future!

The Plant a Seed Campaign runs from October 1st  to October 31st and the class that gets to 100% participation first wins a delicious pizza party, so get your donations in today! Check to see how your class is doing on the Plant a Seed donation tree in front of the school during this month’s competition.

To donate to the annual fund, click here


About The Campaign

  1. Runs October 1 - October 31
  2. Our goal is 100% participation
  3. Every gift - no matter the size - counts!
  4. Look for the sign at drop-off to see how our tree is growing
  5. The class with the highest percentage will receive special recognition
  6. All gifts to to the annual fund are tax-deductible