Financial Aid & Scholarships at La Pietra

We understand and appreciate the financial commitment families undertake in deciding to send their daughters to La Pietra.

Although paying for private school education is first and foremost the family's responsibility, we devote significant funds to tuition assistance and merit scholarships.

Tuition assistance is based on demonstrated family need (as verified by the Parent Financial Statement from SSS), the number of applicants, and the total amount of funds available. In order to be considered in our first round of awards, families must:

  • Complete the admissions application process and be accepted for enrollment.
  • Complete the School and Students Services (SSS) application
  • Upload completed 2015 income tax forms to SSS.
  • Deadline for priority consideration is February 29, 2016.
Only students accepted for enrollment will be considered for awards, and returning students with continuing need will be given first priority.

Tuition assistance awards are announced after April for following school year.

The 2016-17 SSS Family Portal will be available in early November 2015.

La Pietra's Merit-Based Scholarships for New Students

An outstanding opportunity for outstanding young women.

La Pietra – Hawaii School for Girls' Merit Scholarships for new students enhances La Pietra's vision to educate young women to lead a life of achievement and to reward outstanding young women who have the potential to make significant contributions and to thrive in our exceptional learning environment where confidence soars for all girls.

The merit scholarships are awarded annually solely based on the applicant's merit at the discretion of the school and the scholarship committee. Candidates do not need to have a demonstrated financial need to qualify for the merit scholarships and families do not need to apply or qualify for need-based, financial aid to be considered for La Pietra's Merit Scholarship. However, merit scholarship applicants may also apply for financial aid consideration. 

We invite you to learn more about our scholarships:

La Pietra Merit Scholarship for New Students

The La Pietra - Hawaii School for Girls' Merit Scholarship recognizes exceptional young women who embody the values and principles that represent our La Pietra spirit. Through the program, the school may award partial tuition merit scholarships to candidates who are outstanding new students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, exemplary character, interest in participating in extracurricular programs, and the ability to make positive contributions to La Pietra.

The merit scholarships are renewable, provided recipients continue to demonstrate the qualities of excellence for which the scholarships were given and they continue to be exemplary role models who show concern for others and unparalleled respect for the rules and values of the school. Students can only be considered if they have completed their admissions application file.

Scholarship applicants must complete all of the steps outlined in the scholarship application by February 27, 2016. Students must also complete all steps in the admissions application process to be eligible to be considered for the merit scholarships.

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For questions or more information, please contact Megan Meyer at or call (808) 922-2744.


Tuition rates are normally set in January for the academic year beginning in August. Tuition for grades 6-12 is $18,900 for the 2015-2016 academic year.