Online School for Girls

As an all-girls' school, we are very attuned to the ways girls learn best. For years, we have used that knowledge to educate girls in a way which takes advantage of their unique learning style.

Since technology now plays such an integral role in education, we also study latest research on how girls interact with that technology, and have found that there are differences in boys’ and girls’ experiences with technology as well.  Therefore, our methods must focus on the ways that girls interact with educational technology.

We are proud of our membership in the Online School for Girls (OSG), a consortium of all-girls schools from across the country that have come together to offer the best in online education for female studentsLa Pietra students may take courses through the OSG for credit during the academic year (fall and spring terms). Tuition fees are at no additional cost; however, there is a $150 administrative fee per class registration. Additionally, La Pietra faculty members have access to an array of online professional development classes in order to learn how best to integrate technology into their offline curriculum. 

Many students at La Pietra take online courses in subject matter that is not currently offered on campus.  Because of the relationship we have with the Online School for Girls, our students have exposure to a breadth of courses that we would not otherwise be able to offer.