International Diploma

La Pietra welcomes students from all over the world to our campus.  International students have a variety of options and will work closely with the Director of Curriculum and College Counseling and the Director of Admissions to determine how course credits earned outside the United States transfer into La Pietra's curriculum and requirements. 

The La Pietra International Diploma is extended as an option to students entering grades 9-12 with scholastic achievement and experience from an international school setting.This diploma is intended to assist students with transcript translation and application to the La Pietra program.To qualify, a student must be able to complete the minimum number of credits held by the Hawaii Department of Education in core academic areas, earn grades or international assessment marks equivalent to C- or above, and be proficient in English reading and writing.

At this time, La Pietra does not offer an English as a Second Language (ESL) program.  For more information on international student admission and the International Diploma Program, contact the Admissions Office at 808-922-2744. 

Int'l Diploma Credits

The table below compares the differences in the credit requirements of the La Pietra Diploma and the La Pietra International Diploma.  

LP Diploma
LP Int'l Diploma
English  4 4
Social Studies
 3.5 3.5
Math  3 3
Science  3 3
PE  2 1
Health  .5 N/A
Fine Arts
 2 2
Foreign Language
 3 N/A
Electives  2 6
Independent Project
 P N/A
 22.5 22.5