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College Admission Visit Calendar

College Admission Visits

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Aug 27
Mon, Aug 28
Tue, Aug 29
Wed, Aug 30
College Admission Visit: Menlo College
Conference Room
Thu, Aug 31
Fri, Sep 1
Sat, Sep 2
Sun, Sep 3
Mon, Sep 4
Tue, Sep 5
College Admission Visit: Vanderbilt
Conference Room- Jr. sem.
Wed, Sep 6
College Admission Visit: Boston University
Conference Room- Jr. Sem.
Fri, Sep 8
College Admission Visit: University of the Pacific
Conference Room- Jr. Sem.
Sat, Sep 9
Sun, Sep 10
Mon, Sep 11
Tue, Sep 12
Wed, Sep 13
Thu, Sep 14
Fri, Sep 15
Sat, Sep 16
Sun, Sep 17
Tue, Sep 19
College Admission Visit: Saint Martins University
Conference Room- Jr. Sem.
Wed, Sep 20
Thu, Sep 21
Fri, Sep 22
Sat, Sep 23
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