Vision, Commitment, Beliefs

La Pietra offers an outstanding college-preparatory education to girls in grades six to twelve. The school's academic and co-curricular programs foster intellectual curiosity, leadership, creativity, self-confidence, respect and service to others in an environment dedicated to girls' highest and best aspirations.

Teachers utilize small classes to create opportunities for both individual success and group achievement, taking into account each student's strengths and interests.

The school seeks an ethnically and culturally diverse faculty and student body and maintains a strong commitment to the active alliance of home and school -- teachers, students and parents working together in pursuit of girls' academic, personal and professional goals.


We prepare young women
for a life of fulfillment.


To realize our Vision we will.....

  • Provide a vigorous College Preparatory and Life Skills curriculum.
  • Offer Individualized Education in an Extraordinary Learning Environment
  • Nurture Confidence, Competence, Curiosity, Creativity and Critical Thinking


To realize our Vision and live our Commitment, we believe that.....

  • Character is as important as Success.
  • Passion, Persistence and Self-Confidence are as important as Ability.